Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics

EDCL Working Group

information exchange and dissemination of results of member work in various subfields of AI.

Head: Ing. Marcela Fejtová

The concept of ECDL – European Computer Driving Licence consists of the syllabus, which defines the present understanding of the notion "computer literacy", of reliable and objective methodology how to test and certify corresponding skills/knowledge as well as of the ECDL brand name and logo. In June 1999, CSKI obtained the license to use ECDL concept in Czech republic. Thus CSKI joined the family of members of the ECDL Foundation consisting in the year 2002 of 25 national licensees representing national professional informatics societies.

Two main aims of the ECDL working group are to supervise implementation of ECDL and maintenance of ECDL F quality assurance system in our country and to design and run CSKI actions promoting ITC literacy. All the crucial decisions have to be approved by the CSKI Board but the ECDL Working group is supposed to prepare all necessary documents and summarize the relevant arguments for the Board. The working group established a specific body called the Authorization Committee headed by the General Inspector of ECDL-CZ. This committee is responsible e.g. for the site visits at the companies interested to become authorized ECDL test centers and for the random audits of the ECDL test sessions organized by the authorized test centers. An important part of the authorization process is education of the relevant personnel for ECDL activities – all such educational activities are organized by the ECDL working group, too.

Moreover, the group ensures contact with ECDL F, prepares localized (translated) versions of the ECDL tests and evaluates quality of the Czech teaching materials applying for the right to bear the ECDL logo.