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Activities of all working groups result from the existing theoretical and applied background in the related disciplines and areas. This guarantees horizontal and vertical connection of most potential experts, developers and users in the respective field of interest. As a rule, before a working group is established, its future members are centered already for a longer time around some of many regular problem-oriented seminars organized within the CSKI. The announcements of the seminars are regularly published at the newsletter and/or at a special electronic mailing list for distribution of seminar and conference announcements. Currently, over 400 individuals (not only the CSKI members) have subscribed to the mailing list. The Internet providing access via e-mail and WWW gains importance both for the communication among the CSKI members and for the presentation of the CSKI activities to the public.

The existing opportunity of forming working groups makes possible to avoid unnecessary foundation of other more specialized societies which would encounter obvious difficulties due to the limited number of their members. For example, there are approximately 50 active members of the Artificial Intelligence Working Group (Committee) of the CSKI. There is no intention to create an independent AI Society, because its inclusion into CSKI seems to be more appropriate to its members especially when the Society became a member of the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence in 1990. Moreover, this structure supports natural dissemination of related ideas.

CSKI has currently the following 8 working groups: