zpravodaj ČSKI - květen 2001 [ pdf ]
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datum: 17.5.2001 v 9:00
název: The study of the control of the special parallel robot construction
přednášející: Květoslav Belda (UTIA)
místo konání: UI, 2.patro, místnost č.318

souhrn: Industrial robots and manipulators are being constantly developed in order to improve their accuracy and speed. The presentation firstly shows brief outline of the classical robot constructions and consecutively it focuses on one type of the parallel robot. Parallel robots seem to be one of the promising ways, how to perform above mentioned requirements. This presentation deals with the problems, which appear at the design and simulation of the control of one such redundantly actuated robot. It will be discussed the Generalized Predictive Control (GPC), Inverse Dynamics Control (IDC) and Sliding Mode Control (SMC).