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Nové číslo časopisu UPGRADE

Dear colleagues,

You will find below the latest news about UPGRADE, the digital journal promoted by CEPIS, and UPENET (UPGRADE European NETwork), the network of publications from CEPIS member societies.

Cordially, Editorial Team, UPGRADE

UPGRADE & UPENET Newsletter, May 29th. 2007


1. Latest issue of UPGRADE available (edition in Spanish too)

2. UPGRADE Newslist Reminder


1. Latest issue of UPGRADE available (edition in Spanish too)

This issue, corresponding to February 2007 (Vol. VIII, issue no. 1), is available now here.

This issue features the following sections:

  • A monograph that, under the title "Next Generation Web Search", describes the most recent developments around search technologies and how they can help to fulfil the growing users' needs and to overcome the challenges derived from the massive use of the Web.The guest editors of this monograph are Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Yahoo! Research Europe and Latin America), Paolo Boldi (University of Milano, Italy), and José-María Gómez-Hidalgo (Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain).
  • UPENET (UPGRADE European NETwork), with three articles: the first one from the Spanish journal Novática reports on the results of a survey intended to examine the maturity of IT Professionalism in several European countries, the second one from the Polish journal Pro Dialog introduces a portable declarative format for specifying graphical user interfaces, and the third one from the Spanish journal Novática, analyses some of the most important aspects of the blog phenomenon.
  • CEPIS NEWS which is intended to provide some news around the projects in which CEPIS and its member societies are involved.

The monograph of this issue is also published in Spanish (full issue printed already available; summary, presentation, abstracts and some articles online soon available) by Novática, issue 185 (January-February 2007).

2. UPGRADE Newslist Reminder

We remind you of the existence of the UPGRADE Newslist, whose almost 2,000 subscribers come from all over the world, but mainly from Europe, and belong to academia, business and public administration. We would be very pleased if you inform the members of your societies about the existence of this list, the purpose of which is to distribute relevant news about UPGRADE such as publication of new issues, calls for papers, etc, and about UPENET UPGRADE European NETwork).

To subscribe you only have to access http://www.upgrade-cepis.org/pages/editinfo.html#newslist and follow the directions described there.

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