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The 2nd IT STAR Workshop

The 2nd IT STAR WS on Universities & the ICT Industry (UNICTRY '07) was convened in Genzano di Roma on 26 May 2007 with the participation of senior representatives from academia, industry, government and professional organizations from 10 European countries in the CESE region, EITO, the e-Skills Competences Consortium, Microsoft and Ducati. The Keynote address and presentations, as well as the adopted Genzano Declaration, are now available at www.itstar.eu http://www.starbus.org/r_d_ws2/r_d_ws2.htm. The conference proceedings will be published. 

We are also pleased to announce IT STAR's new publication on R&D in Information and Communication Technology - Central, Eastern and Southern Europe (Proceedings of the 1st IT STAR workshop on R&D in CESE held in Bratislava on 11/11/06), ISBN: 978-3-902580-02-3, Publisher: OCG, Editors: Plamen Nedkov & Balint Domolki

The details, including purchasing information, are available at

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