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zpravodaj ČSKI - leden 2001 [ pdf ]
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datum: 15.1.2001 v 11:00
název: Intelligent agents in the integral value added chain of e-commerce
přednášející: Werner Winiwarter (Johannes Kepler University of Linz) , Ismail K. Ibrahim (Johannes Kepler University of Linz)
místo konání: CVUT, 1.patro, místnost č.112

souhrn: An agent-based architecture for electronic commerce allows the creation of a marketplace in which a number of autonomous or semi-autonomous agents trade services and goods. This approach offers a number of new opportunities to reduce or even eliminate the disadvantages of the traditional approaches, namely the time needed to gather information about a product or a service, the difficulty to compare between a large number of products, the advertising overhead, and the pricing inefficiencies.
Agents are able to examine a large number of products before making a decision to buy or sell. This not only eliminates the need for manually collected information about products but also allows negotiating an optimal deal with the various sellers of a good.
Software agents will play an increasing variety of roles as mediators in electronic commerce. The personalized, continuously autonomous nature of agents makes them well suited for mediating the consumer behaviors involving information filtering and retrieval, personalized evaluations, complex coordination, and time-based interactions.
We will talk in this presentation about the role of intelligent agents in the integral value added chain of e-commerce which provides richer and more flexible ways of interactions with the help of agents mediating in many of the steps of commercial transactions.